Espacio de trabajo (3)

El espacio de trabajo de Anouschka Schutte
Proactive Translations
@JouwVertaler (Twitter)
#translator #Eindhoven

Workspaces at home (Anouschka Schutte).png

This is my workspace. It’s only temporary, I recently moved into my bedroom because my niece is moving back home, so she needs the bedroom that I used as my office. The strange thing is, ever since I bought my house, I’ve always worked in the house. I never even considered using the office that I have in my garden. It’s a perfect place to work, but somehow I never wanted to work ‘away from the house’ (the distance from my back door to the office is perhaps 5 metres…) But now the time has come: after 14 years, I am taking over the ‘real office’. In approximately 3 months, I can start redecorating and moving into the office (it was rented out to my sister as a hair salon earlier). The one thing I will bring with me, apart from my work equipment, is my chair. It’s a big monstrosity, but it is such a great chair. It’s a Stokke chair, and it has kept the RSI and the backpains away for over 15 years now. I tried other chairs, recently, to see if that was perhaps an option, but no…I NEED MY HUGE CHAIR! The bad thing is: it is falling apart, and the company no longer makes them. So fingers crossed it will keep going for another 20 years, until I retire!

Thank you so much for sharing, Anouschka!


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